Michelle Werk

Michelle Geerardyn

Tinnenpot, continious

Michelle Geerardyn’s story with photography started in 2017 as a concert photographer for the music website Indiestyle and Cactus Musiccentre. In 2019, she became the in-house photographer of Ancienne Belgique in Brussels, which opened a lot of doors in the Flemish music scene. 

Her style has been described as ‘velvet simplicity and warmth’. At this moment, her sources of inspiration come from many places outside concert venues as well. The biggest driving force behind her images is the question whether photographers play a role in the power structures of society. In doing so, the balance between the process of creating is at least as important as the aesthetic of it all.

Michelle is our in-house photographer for 24 Hours of Deep Listening. Her work can be found on the poster of our festival.