Le 7e Oeil

Lakenmetershuis, continuous

Le 7e Oeil was created by Lionel Arlen (aka linus), in France 2002, firstly as a hobby, due to his passion for music and artwork, before becoming gradually a full time activity. It can be described as an independent studio specialized in graphics, illustration and hand pulled screen printing, with the aim to create unique art-packaging. 

Working for music and publishing, the studio tends to develop its own practice of printing and custom inks. Through the hand printed silkscreen, LP’s over-sleeves or simple gig poster turns into something different and particular, giving a new dimension to the object. On this basis, the aim of the studio is to develop the creation by working with different materials such as cardboard, clear PVC, wood, fabric, or all that can be printed, playing as much as possible with materiality. 

Since 2012, collaborating on a regular basis with labels like Consouling Sounds, Debemur Morti, HyperTension or Pelagic Records, Le 7e Oeil have created screen prints packaging and posters for music acts such as Amenra, Neurosis, Throane, Blut Aus Nord, Crown, A Storm Of Light, Empusae, Black Table, Schammasch, Ulcerate, Archgoat, Dirk Serries, Dirge, Bell Witch, Wolves In The Throne Room, Lento, Syndrome, Chaos Echoes, Alkerdeel, CHVE, Scott Kelly, Deuil, and many others all over the world, but also for artists and tattooists such as Dehn Sora, Førtifem, Metastazis , Lea Nahon, Köfi, Yann Black, Sadhu Le Serbe, Business For Satan, Jubbs, Guet. 

During the 24 Hours of Deep Listening, you will be able to watch him screenprint live in the basement of the Lakenmetershuis venue.