Tinnenpot, continuous

Consouling Sounds sets an exciting challenge during this edition of 24 Hours of Deep Listening: "How can we make stunning new XR experiences to discover and experience music?"

 With a community encompassing the globe, Consouling Sounds wants to experiment with the presentation of music online. If we can design immersive digital experiences we can bring people together around music, wherever they live, wherever they are. Slowly but surely Consouling wants to build an online universe bringing like minded music lovers together,  and so we are on a quest for inspiration!

Consouling teams up with XRT, the Extended Reality Technology specialist platform in our hometown Ghent, Belgium. Together we organize a 24 hour hackathon - pardon, ‘HacXathon’ with the X of XRT :) during the Consouling festival ‘24 Hours of Deep Listening in Ghent’.

The challenge is to design an immersive application inspired by music connected to the label.

On Saturday, the HacXatheers will present what they’ve been working on for the past 24 hours.