About Community

Debate 3: About Community (EN)

Tinnenpot, Saturday Oct. 2, 13u

Communities. As of today, this seems to be more important than ever. They create many chances, this is also the case in the music industry. How can different actors such as labels or bands who release their own music use this power of the community in a valuable way? How do you appreciate your community in a valid way? What are the pitfalls? Does this change the nature of what (alternative) labels should be? Or does this bring the true power of an alternative label to the front: a close community where musicians and fans are very close to each other. 

Consouling Sounds cherishes her community, it’s one of their most valuable assets. Without the community, the label would not be able to thrive as much as it does now. How do you appreciate the community surrounding you… How do we create a DIY-togetherness and why is it so important these days? 

Moderator: Didier Goossens


  • Didier Gosset 
  • Désirée Hanssen
  • Frank Kimenai
  • Chloë Vandevyvere

(This talk will be held in English!)