Thomas about care

Debate 2: About Care

Tinnenpot, Saturday Oct. 2, 11u

This year’s Care Talk will deal with neurodiversity. Science argues that our brains function in all sorts of different ways, which leads to an enormous diversity in human experiences and quality. Different shapes of ‘being different’ are often labeled in our society, labels such as dyslexia, ADD, ADHD or autism are followed with a process of psychological assessment or medicalisation.

Is this the trend we need to encourage or is there a need for a different approach?

Neurodiversity shows another side to these ‘disorders’ by celebrating the human variations of the brain instead of seeing them as a problem. In this Care Talk, experts and caregivers are sitting together and will think about how this vision can be translated to daily practice. 

Do we have to get rid of the traditional definitions of normality and health? What is the connection between creativity and being different? Do we need to give more attention to the power of diversity? If so, how should we do that and how do we implement these new visions in our healthcare facilities? Which perception of mankind do we need to accept the human being in all its facets, without abnormalising its vulnerabilities?

Moderator: Tomas Serrien


  • Steven De Groote
  • Michelle Geerardyn
  • Cis Dewaele
  • Ilse Van den Eede

(This talk will be held in Dutch!)