Debate 1: Immersive Audio (NL)

Tinnenpot, Friday Oct. 1, 16U (registration obligated)

Futures made of virtual insanity? On immersive audio in a fast evolving media landscape.

Music history has seen several technological revolutions: from mono to stereo over surround to 3D sound. These revolutions all had their origin in technological progress. Artists and composers later embraced the technology and made it possible to innovate their art form. Today a new revolution is taking place: the technology for immersive music in 3D applications and VR is available, artists and composers must now follow suit. A vast creative space is waiting to be explored by innovative and experimental bands, films and games.

But what exactly do we mean by 'immersive' audio? This debate takes a closer look at which technology we are talking about, how and where it is applied, and why. Moderator of the debate is Frank Duchêne.

After the debate, there will be a networking moment where you can discover the surround sound installation by David Poltrock and Adriaan De Roover. We conclude with a beer tasting by sommelier Sofie Vanrafelghem.

We welcome you to come to our Immersive Audio Talk, Friday 1 Oct. at 4PM, in Tinnenpot. There will be a networking moment after this debate with a beertasting by vandeStreek Bier.

You can join this debate and netowrking moment for free, but you will need to register here

Moderator: Frank Duchêne


  • Jan Pauly
  • David Poltrock
  • Maka De Lameillieure
  • Arthur Moelants

(This talk will be held in Dutch!)