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Tinnenpot, continious

With a mutual fascination, David Poltrock (Poltrock) and Adriaan de Roover (Oaktree) hit the studio in 2018 and let coincidence run its course. A dozen sessions later there was an intriguing soundtrack filled with sultry instrumental ambient wherein all notion of spaciousness and focus gets lost. From the soundscapes VACUUM was created. Instead of focussing on a classic concert experience, the audience gets disorientated and subjected to an immersive experience by way of spatialisation of the sound in the room. 

VACUUM is a surround sound installation with quadrophone sound and video. Throughout this unique experience, the audience is immersed in a universe without benchmark. VACUUM is not just an everyday concert experience. The music of David Poltrock (POLTROCK) and Adriaan de Roover (OAKTREE) enters into battle with light and video. Poltrock and de Roover have developed a sound choreography that allows the spectator to spend an hour in a constantly evolving audiovisual landscape. The sounds move around and grow from the most intimate, almost claustrophobic textures to monumental and crushing walls of noise.